Piping bags or pastry bags, in cooking, are used to help you decorating your desserts. Are you looking for more bakery accessories? Check out our bakery equipment.


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Piping in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

If baking is a sweet fun then decorating your baked dishes is the more fun. We know that if you love baking you love more decorating. Without ornamenting your desserts, you are never finished. Piping is the most interesting and loveable step in decorating desserts, sweets and bakery items. Piping bags or Pastry bags are the best way to decorate our desserts. Petra Hospitality has the best quality piping bags in collection. Here we will discuss about the specifications and the functionality of these bags. Let’s check it out!


  • Star piping bags, disposable piping bags, icing piping bags, pastry bags,
  • Material: Cloth, Paper, plastic
  • Sizes: Variety of sizes available
  • Nozzle shape: different shapes of nozzles are available for decorating
  • Function: Ideal for all types of bakery items, sweet treats, desserts and food items
  • Use: easy and mess-free in use
  • Occasions: parties, picnics, birthday parties

pastry bag or piping bag is an often cone, triangular-shaped, hand-held bag made from cloth, paper, or plastic. The piping bag is used to pipe semi-solid foods by pressing them through a narrow opening at one end. It is used for many purposes including cake and desserts decoration.

Where can you find piping in Australia?

This is not a difficult process to find piping or piping bags in Australia. You can find them in any market, whether it is online or a physical market. The real question is that, where can you find the best quality piping bags in Australia? We have the solution for this question. Petra Hospitality has a wide range of piping bags that can help you in decorating your perfectly made and baked food. We want you try once and then feel the difference. You can easily contact our bakery accessories supplier department by giving a call to us at 1300 007 387or email us at sales@petrahospitality.com.au

How to Pick the Right Piping Nozzle?

This is the big question comes in mind when you start decorating your cakes or desserts. We have some ideas to pick the right piping nozzle. If you are trying to frosting the cupcakes then Open star tips of 1M and 4B are recommended. Closed Star Piping Nozzles are perfect for piping ruffled butter cream on cupcakes because they give more detail than open star tips. Closed star piping can also be used to add borders to cakes and cookies. You just need to try different nozzles to get expert in picking them and definitely a good quality product is needed in this regard. We can offer Petra Hospitality’s piping bags to bring detailed beauty to your cakes and desserts.