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Ramekin in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Do you want to serve your dish in the same pot which you have used to prepare it? It should be attractive and strong both at the same time. Ramekin is what that is used to bake dishes and you can serve your food item in the same ramekin. First of all let us tell you that what is ramekin? The answer is simple; it is a bowl of glass, porcelain or ceramic that can bear oven heat too. If you are in search of ramekin, souffle dish, ramekin dishes, and creme brulee ramekins, then you are at the right store. Petra Hospitality has got everything. Enjoy your ramekin desserts in a perfect solution and see the difference by yourself. Check the following specifications our ramekins have.


Type: Ramekin, souffle dish, ramekin dishes, fruit bowl, diagonal ribbed, stacking sauce dish and creme brulee ramekins

Function: Used to cook and serve in it

Quality: High quality durable products

Usage: Home kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, cafes etc

Quantity: Products can be ordered in combination with some other product as well as in bulk.

Petra Hospitality presents the best quality ceramic, porcelain and glass bowl or ramekins that are a big helping hand for you in your kitchen. There are ramekins in our online store that have unique designs and amazing colors. These ramekins are used to cook and serve food. Petra Hospitality only believes in High quality durable products, that is why we have got the best ramekins for home kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, cafes etc. products can be ordered in combination with some other product as well as in bulk in a very affordable price. What else do you need?

What's the Difference Between Ramekins and Custard Cups?

Custard cups are used to put and eat custard in it or sometimes we use them for different purposes. Ramekins are the pots in which you can bake and serve both and they are a little bigger in size.

What sizes do ramekins come in?

Usually there are three different sizes are preferred by people for ramekins. 9cm, 7cm and 9.12cm.

Where can I find ramekins in Australia?

This is not a difficult process to find ramekins in Australia. You can find them in any market, whether it is online or a physical market. The real question is that, where can you find the best quality ramekins in Australia? We have the solution for this question. Petra Hospitality has a wide range of ramekins that can help you in baking and serving food. We want you try once and then feel the difference. You can easily contact our ramekins accessories supplier department by giving a call to us at 1300 007 387or email us at sales@petrahospitality.com.au