Chafing Fuel

Chafing Fuel
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Chafing Fuel in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

If you have a question that what is chafing fuel, then the answer is very simple. A fuel that is used for heating food is called chafing dish fuel. Usually it comes in gel form and called gel chafing fuel, that can be lasted till 2 to 6 hours as per the sizes of the steel chafing fuel cans in which fuel is placed. Now the question is where to buy chafing fuel? You can buy it from any physical or online market place. But the quality is not guaranteed in all the cases. Very few chafing gels are able to give perfect results. Petra hospitality offers the best range of chafing fuel that can last for many hours and keeps your food fresh and warm. Following are the specifications of these chafing fuel so you can decide to buy easily.


Types: gel, wick

Burn Time: 2 hrs, 3hrs, 6hrs

Suitability: All types of chafers or chafing dishes

Quality: high quality environmental friendly

Quantity: some packaging are available in single small piece but some are in refill mode with more quantity

 Do you want to keep your buffet warm for the whole event? Let's fuel up your party for a long long time and keep your food heated for the whole party time with Petra Hospitality's chafing fuel. Choose our high quality fuels that can help your chafing dish to stay heated and warm for as long as you want. The chafing dish fuel available in our online store is of high quality and environmental friendly. You can choose the fuel type according to your requirement. Some of them can last for 2 hours, some for 3 hours and some are for 6 hours. These fuels are suitable for all types of chafing dishes. You can buy this item in bulk or in combination with some other product. The best thing about these fuels is that they are economical. So why not to choose the best one in very affordable price?

What are the types of chafing fuel?

There are many types of chafing fuel available in the market, like: fuel gel and chafer wick fuel etc. Petra Hospitality provides you all the types of chafing fuel but in great quality.Try them out!

Where can I find chafing fuel in Australia?

This is not a difficult process to find chafing fuel in Australia. You can find them in any market, whether it is online or a physical market. The real question is that, where can you find the best quality chafing fuel in Australia? We have the solution for this question. Petra Hospitality has a wide range of chafing fuel that can help you in keeping your food warm and fresh for the long time. We want you to try once and then feel the difference. You can easily contact our chafing fuel supplier department by giving a call to us at 1300 007 387or email us at