Simco EXHOOD1800 Ductless Exhaust Hood System 1800mm

Simco EXHOOD1800 Ductless Exhaust Hood System 1800mm

Ductless exhaust hood system
Brand: Simco
Product Code: EXHOOD1800
Dimensions: 1800W 1400 (620mm Bench Height)H 750D mm
Power: 1.4A / 240V
Warranty: 12 Months

Ductless System how it works/ it works with a 3-stage filter system. It has 3 removeable, washable grease filters to. There is a polyester filter to remove dust and large partials and it has a large carbon filter to remove fine particles and odour. It has air flow at approx. of 400 -500 Litres per second, 300 mm extraction fan and the return air is expelled from the bottom of the unit. For this unit to be complaint the kilowatt usage must be calculated to floor area ratio as per Australian standard AS 1668.2 –. This unit is fabricated from 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning. All wiring and electrical components comply to Australian standards. Internal lighting extra low LED. Power consumption 1.4 AMPS / 240 Volt.

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Positives & benefits to any Australian shop-owner?

  • Designed for when (putting in and exhaust system is not permitted by the owner of the building) as they must make holes and break bricks & cement install brackets & motors on the roof ect) 
  • No having to break down walls or put up many metres of ducting out of the building 
  • No having to go through all the expense of getting DA approvals 
  • No having to wait months on end to get one manufactured 
  • No having to spend on getting someone to install it for you then getting an electrician 
  • No having to buy a bench to put your equipment on (this is ready to go) 
  • You can take it with you if you close your business & must leave 
  • Ready to plug in and use only 240v (10am plug)

Unique exhaust hood system (specifications)

  • Made for electrical appliances up to 8kw each 
  • Can handle a 3-phase unit underneath it no problem 
  • Fit up 3 or 4 appliances & start cooking 
  • Quite motor with plenty of grunt (suction power)400- 500 litres per second 
  • 334watt motor only drawing 1.4amp 
  • Made in 304 stainless steel (for easy cleaning) 
  • LED lights (for great illumination when cooking 
  • Fitted with 3 standard removable honey comb filters 380 x 455 in size 
  • Fitted with a Polyester Filter (that you change every 8-12 weeks) 
  • Fitted with a carbon filter (that you change every 12 months) 
  • Comes standard on heavy duty legs (for a sturdy operation) 
  • Castors can be fitted on order for a $190.00+ GST 
  • Comes with 12 months’ warranty Australia wide (parts and labour)
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